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The Capital Increase and Decrease is a highly common action in the world of business. As a general rule, the majority of shareholders in corporations are founded with the bare minimum of share capital allowed by the laws of the land. However, as time progresses, the situations and requirements of businesses become increasingly diverse. As a result, it is quite possible that corporations will need to raise additional funds in order to take on new initiatives.
Capital is needed to kick start any business. The min-cost needed to set up a business ranges from BHD 800 to BHD 1300 in the Bahrain region. The actual company formation cost depends on multiple factors and that is where we come in. At MultiExpress, we know all the tricks in the book! From raising capital, fulfilling minimum capital requirements, registering capital, carrying out required documentation to obtaining certificates, we know how to get things done timely and effectively.
Our Services For Capital Increase/Decrease
MultiExpress serves its clients for Capital Increase or Capital Decrease in the following areas:
  • Drafting of agreements to increase share capital
  • Drafting of agreements to decrease share capital
  • Procedures with the Tax Office
  • Procedures with the Mercantile Registry
Our professionals specialize in this area and have vast experience in both expanding and decreasing the share capital of a wide range of firms. The advice provided by MultiExpress experts does not end with the increase or decrease of share capital. We work as a team and ensure that everything is taken care of!
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