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Multiexpress is providing you LMRA services that refer to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority. LMRA is a government entity that is dedicated to reform the labor market of Bahrain. The authority offers work permits, making it an important entity for people or organizations starting new businesses.The LMRA services are offered to:
  • Employer
  • Expatriate Employee
If you are starting a new business that requires expatriate staff, you must register with LMRA. This is a one-time transaction that will not only register your business but also provide you with a user ID and password to conduct business. You may choose to delegate one or more authorized persons to do business with LMRA on your behalf through the LMRA system. We recommend that you do not disclose your password with approved users because they will be given their own logins.
Our Multiexpress staff will assist you with the registration process, you will be assigned work permits through the Expat Management System (EMS), the number of which will depend on the nature of activity of your business. You need to provide the appropriate documents that are needed for the registration and rest is our job. You can also renew your employees’ and their dependents’ coverage online. Moreover, for each expatriate employee that will work for you, you are required to pay a monthly fee through online payment or bank transfer.
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Expatriate Employee

If you are an expatriate employee and need a work permit, Multiexpress can help you in getting one. All you have to do is provide us with the correct information about yourself and the information about your dependents. We recommend that you verify your status to ensure that your information is correct. If you detect any discrepancies in your data, please contact us immediately.

Multiexpress makes every effort to give the best services to Expatriate employees in the Kingdom, we expect all employees to follow the law and the Kingdom’s rules and regulations and avoid any offenses that could result in the harsh enforcement of the law.

Through MultiExpress Services, you can get a work visa on time with our experts helping you with each obstacle. MultiExpress brings to you the following LMRA services:

  • Application for New Work visa
  • Renewal of Work visa
  • Mobility & Transfer visa
  • Increase Visa Ceiling Limit
  • Offense removal