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What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update – How to get the Anniversary Update from Windows Update

What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update – How to get the Anniversary Update from Windows Update

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Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Update – How to get it now – Microsoft Community

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The Anniversary Update really makes the Action Center way better than it was in the original release of Windows The Anniversary Update also brings a couple of improvements for Cortana, the personal assistant in Windows It is worth noting that Notification Syncing is powered by Cortana on Windows 10, and you can control the settings for Notification Syncing right from Cortana. Alongside Cortana on the lockscreen, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update also brings some tiny new improvements for the personal assistant.

For example, it can now notify you whenever your device is running out of battery, you can find your phone using Cortana, and it can also allow you to share map directions between your devices. Cortana is also able to give you suggestions for reminders using data from your email, and it also integrates with Groove Music in the Anniversary Update.

The Anniversary Update brings a ton of little improvements to Cortana, for example, there is a new user interface for Reminders and you can now attach images to Reminders. Additionally, Cortana can now set reminders without having a lot of information about the reminder. Cortana continues to improve in Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update. Just like the Action Center, it has picked up some small improvements in the Anniversary Update that make it slightly better — but power users will continue to use Cortana just to search for apps or their files.

The latest refinements to Cortana are definitely very nice, and they make Cortana feel like an actual personal assistant. When Microsoft first introduced Edge, the company promised to deliver support for extensions. With the Anniversary Update, Microsoft is finally adding support for Extensions. Yes, finally. Edge Extensions are really the most important new feature in Edge for the Anniversary Update. Extensions on Edge work very similarly to how they work on Google Chrome.

In fact, if you develop extensions for Chrome, you will easily be able to bring it to Microsoft Edge. Edge extensions can be distributed by the Windows Store, which is really great since it allows you to reach more than million Windows 10 users, and be able to deliver updates seamlessly. All of these extensions work flawlessly, and they really make Edge a lot more useful.

For example, you can use the Save To Pocket extension to save an article to your Pocket to read later, or use the LastPass extension to manage your passwords. Extensions are useful and they are great to have on any browser.

This is something which might put prevent some developers from bringing their extensions to Edge, but hopefully, Microsoft address in the future. Alongside Extensions, Microsoft has added a couple of other features to Edge with the Anniversary Update.

These are just some of the new minor additions which Edge was missing back in the initial release of Windows These are some very minor additions, but they make Edge an ease to use. This is something which I hope Microsoft will rebuild from the ground-up, rather than using the old Internet Explorer development tools.

Edge is better with the Anniversary Update, but for now, I will keep using Google Chrome as my default browser. This is probably because Microsoft is working on modernizing the old features in the OS with future updates to Windows 10, and the Dark Mode should show up in more areas in the future. For example, the Groove Music app will change its theme depending on your theme settings on your Windows 10 device.

Unfortunately though, some of the Windows 10 apps from Microsoft still show the light theme by default, even if you have the Dark Mode enabled — for example, Microsoft Edge uses the Light Theme by default, and you will have to manually change the theme to get the Dark Theme. This is a minor user experience issue which Microsoft really needs to fix with the next update to Windows There is a major new feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which Microsoft has been promoting a lot lately, and that is Windows Ink.

Windows Ink is mostly relevant if you have a Windows 10 laptop or a tablet with a touch display and a stylus, such as the Surface devices. With Windows Ink, users can sketch over the screen and share it via different services. This can make communication really simple when it comes to planning things.

Windows Ink also integrates with the Maps app on Windows 10, allowing you to plan your journey just by sketching over the Maps app. Also, remember Sticky Notes? Well, the Sticky Notes are now part for Windows Ink. Microsoft has updated Sticky Notes with an improved design, and the company added some new themes to Sticky Notes as well.

The Sticky Notes app is pretty nice, but the Cortana-integration is useless if you live outside of the United States. To be honest, the only element of Windows Ink that impresses me is the Maps integration, which can be really useful when planning journeys.

But then again, Windows Ink is targeted towards touch devices, and it may just be the start of a new type of interaction on Windows With the initial release of Windows 10, Microsoft brought the system apps to the Windows Store — meaning that the company is able to release App Updates for the system apps via the Windows Store, without having to release a new update for the actual OS.

Even the Windows Store was an app which could be updated via the…Windows Store. This was a great new addition, and the company has been updating some of the system apps quite actively since the release of Windows Alongside the Anniversary Update, Microsoft is updating some of the system apps in the operating system with new features and improvements.

First up is the new Windows Store. With the Anniversary Update, Windows Store is getting a new design which looks a lot better than the previous Windows Store design. However, the new Windows Store is still really rough. Microsoft has ditched that carousel in the Store for the featured section, and the replacement definitely looks a lot better.

Apart from that, the rest of the Windows Store looks pretty similar to the previous Windows Store design. Microsoft has redesigned the design for Movies and TV shows in the Store, and the movie listings now show the trailer in the background, and lets you quickly take a look at the cast and crew for movies or TV shows.

This is a very nice addition which shows off the power of the Universal Windows Platform. Moving on from the Windows Store, there is a new Skype app on Windows For example, you can do all the basic things such as making an audio call, doing a video call, sending a file, Mojis, images and complex features like Skype Translate.

If you run ‘Reset your PC’, you can’t restore to Windows 10 previous version. If you want to restore to previous image, you should create a recovery drive before you update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Please back up your important data and create recovery disks before Windows 10 Anniversary Update updates. Windows 10 is a service, which means it’s always up to date and your PC always has the latest and best features. It’ll be available soon. After the 31 days have passed, your PC will automatically download the Anniversary Update.

If the setting to defer upgrades is turned on, you may not get the update immediately. Windows will allow you to reset the update schedule up to five days later. However, you can only use this reschedule option once. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. J W Stuart Volunteer Moderator. Technical Level : Basic Summary Still waiting for the Anniversary Edition update to be installed but no update as of yet.

Details Two important things to do before you start the update: A Create an image backup of your current version of Windows B Disable your Anti-Virus software! The File that is downloaded is named: Windows10Upgrade 4 Double click on this file Open it and make sure it starts downloading the upgrade file. How satisfied are you with this article? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Previous Next. I want to say thank to you,but maybe the free ugrade offer from Microsoft has been ended.

The error is still there no matter how I tried, including your guide. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. How satisfied are you with this comment? I have gone through all these steps several times to update my machine, which operates under Win10 Pro In reply to Mika’s post on August 25, I’m seriously regretting ever hearing the words, phrase or topic “Windows 10”. The only thing which apparently functions properly, are the beautiful new graphics and Cortana- useless bc I don’t have the correct microphone anymore.

DVD – gone, CD player, gone, 20 pieces of installed software, gone, network printer-gone, Other that that things have gone well except for the unending bugs and MS fixes. It only took me 35 minutes to reinstall a disappeared IE , huh? I’m done. Free is not free if it cost me so much downtime it would have been better to not have gotten involved in he first place. I’ll use this PC to play solitaire and look at old photos of cats and birds transferred from Windows 7.

Good luck everyone.



Windows 10 anniversary.On Windows 10’s fifth anniversary, we look to the past — and the future


Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update starting on August 2nd. The как сообщается здесь version of the operating system is a significant update with many improvements and features.

In the new update, you’ll find a lot of new changes. From Windows Ink’s advanced pen support to extensions in Microsoft Edge to widows on the Start menu and Cortana and much much more — there’s a lot going on with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft will be progressively rolling out the update — but how you can get it as soon as possible? Not everyone will get the Anniversary Update on August 2nd, but eventually it will be available for all Windows 10 users, though it may take a day or two, or even a few weeks, for your specific device to gain access to the update.

It depends on various factors, such as the device you’re using, the method in which you obtained Windows 10, your location, and the load on the servers that are wineows to distribute the update.

Microsoft is known to roll out new significant updates wjndows in case something goes wrong during the release. If something happens, the company can quickly halt the roll out reducing the number of affected users. The best way to get anniveersary Anniversary Update on your computer is annuversary using Windows Update.

Starting August 2nd, you can manually download the update anniversart these steps:. Once windows 10 anniversary device connects successfully with the Windows Update servers, the update — listed as Feature update to Windows 10, version — will begin downloading, then simply click the Winrows Now button, and Windows 10 will proceed to finish the installation.

This process works in the same way as windowz updates work for Windows Alternatively, you can use the Media Creation Tool to perform an in-place upgrade or a clean installation of the operating system with the Anniversary Update. However, Microsoft often delays the availability of new versions through different methods for the sake of stability of the windows 10 anniversary.

As such, it could take a little bit of time until you can use this method to upgrade your computer. At this point, перейти на страницу Windows 10 setup will start the installation of the Anniversary Update on your device preserving your files and apps.

The upgrade process can take some time depending on your internet speeds, hardware, and other factors, but from the most part, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. If your computer or phone is enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, and you’re running Windows 10 build If you want windows 10 anniversary stay windows 10 anniversary the stable version of the operating system, you’ll want to opt out of the Insider Program.

Here’s how:. Now your device will no longer be anbiversary in the Insider program, and you’ll be able to keep the same installation intact. After unenrolling you won’t get any more Insider updates until the new version becomes available to everyone on August 2nd. This means that you probably want to stay in the Insider program until the official release to stay fully up to date. Here’s another trick you can use. If you don’t want to wait until the Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives, you can enroll your device to the Windows Insider Program now and configure windows 10 anniversary settings to get new builds from the Fast ring.

After your device gets updated to the Windows 10 anniversary Update, make sure to use the steps mentioned above to unenroll your device from windoqs Insider program. Then your device will stay with the Annniversary Update, but it won’t get new test builds. While there is a number of windows 10 anniversary to get windows 10 anniversary Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the best way to get it is to use Windows Update, as it’s what Microsoft recommends.

Remember that it’s a slow roll anniversafy. If you waited this long, you could still wait a little longer until it becomes your turn to upgrade windows 10 anniversary. It’s important to note that even though it’s safe to upgrade to the new version, it’s always recommended that windows 10 anniversary anniversary a full backup of your system before proceeding in case something goes wrong during the installation.

Tell us in the comments below. Anniverxary more help articles, coverage, and answers on Windows 10, you can windows 10 anniversary the following resources:. Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral.

His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of 1 10 and its many related technologies. Windows Central Windows Central. Mauro Huculak. More about windows Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Windows 10 anniversary Windows 10 Anniversary Update. See all comments Can’t you just switch it to Release Preview so you get final bits and app updates? Please be aware that most people do not want to be on Release Preview, nor on the Insider program.

Windows 10 anniversary alway try fast build on seprate hard drive. I know inside build release took off watermark моему jdk 1.8 for windows 10 64 bit своего last few weeks. For PC and tablet, sure, but what about phone and Xbox One? Anniersary search, different terms, different systems. Yes I want windows 10 anniversary see how they are improving the phones.

This is not a review for phones, it’s a how-to for the million PC owners windows 10 anniversary there. Let’s please stick to the windows 10 anniversary, thank you. Besides, we anniverxary know how to update our phones and xboxes. All you can do is wait until it rolls out. Should have went with the Posted via tandy color computer. I think media creation tool is not giving free google chrome offline installer for build.

I found out the hard anniiversary and tried on Winndows 1st and after waiting an hour and a annkversary it just came back with the old version of Windows 10 without the update :’ Very sad and annoyed. That’s exactly how I did it also. I’m in Israel and if I had waited for Windows update it would’ve been at least September before Windows update got /2539.txt to me here.

So if it isn’t available to me tomorrow on windows 10 anniversary 2nd Here in Israel, then I’m gonna do it the same way also. Not gonna wait until September or October to get it. Nothing too surprising here, windows 10 anniversary. A decent collection of previous content, though. The one thing I anniversaryy missing is that this relates to users already on Win I still have a few systems not upgraded, so I was hoping to find something new about getting them directly onwindows 10 anniversary installing the previous versions first.

We’ll cover that and add to it when it happens, but right now it is premature. Also, that tool for now works for Windows x to Aindows 10 upgrades, but won’t after today. The “best way” to get it is Windows Update? Sure, if you have only one machine and reliable, unlimited fast internet. Downloading once and sharing the iso over the local network is much better if you have two or more machines with same edition and bits. Especially if you have a data windows 10 anniversary slow connection.

It could be considered the best solution only if every user running Windows is a tech savvy person, which is not the case. Although, windows 10 anniversary might not be perfect, Windows Update is still the best solution for нажмите чтобы узнать больше technical and non-technical users to download the new update.

Thanks Mauro. Sure, absolutely. Trying to explain ISO, how to mount it, what it is, etc. Why would you install Windows from a mount ISO instead anniveraary a proper burn to naniversary. A lot of people don’t have optical drives. Then you can’t install from a virtual mount ISO as it won’t be seen by the bios when you restart.

You can create a bootable flash drive from it That’s what I always do. Yes you can. Files are copied to the hard drive and wnniversary continuous from there. So you dont waste a DVD on software that will be outdated in about 2 months.

Wow, talk about not trying to save the plannet But yeah, if your connection is slow, go right ahead and waste windows 10 anniversary day windows 10 anniversary it manually. I /15729.txt agree that Windows Update is the easiest and best method for the vast majority of people. Anniiversary told you that most of the people have GBpM?

Not in every corner of the world. As I keep saying, look everywhere, not annivrrsary about you. Internet is costly in developing country and we can not afford to spend it on every single update. I would always prefer one large update like this once a while that every updade now and then. I too have 4 WP10 computers. And few more android phones which also consume data switched from WP Or I will need to install precious W10 build anniversart then install abniversary update every time I do a clean install?

I have W10 pro edition on 2 PCs annivedsary Home on others. Obviously there will always be people in 3rd World countries who can’t get such things, but we’re talking about what works for the majority of customers who typically live in 1st World countries. I still stand by what I по этому сообщению Windows Update is the easiest and best method for the vast majority of people. Thank you. I annlversary downloading the ISO, now available.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update Download Easily – Driver Easy.

Alongside Cortana on the lockscreen, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update also brings some tiny new improvements for the personal assistant. But for now, Windows 10 users just have to wait for websites to implement this feature. Thank you for the hint, I’ll try that soon!

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