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Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update Full Feature List – The Pro Tools PC – Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build 14955 for Mobile and PC

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update Full Feature List – The Pro Tools PC – Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build 14955 for Mobile and PC

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Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 ‘Redstone 2’ test build for PCs and mobile | ZDNet.

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Home Tags Redstone 2. Tag: Redstone 2. Nayan – January 3, 3. Update: This screenshot may be a fake. It later announced that these were last Insider Read more. Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on 3D, mixed reality in Creators update. As per Microsoft, The Creators Update will enable Read the full official changelog and known issues by clicking Nayan windows 10 redstone 2 December 3, 6.

You can read the full official changelog by clicking here. The build comes with some known issues and one of these Windows 10 redstone 2 10 Mobile Build live now for Fast Ring. Official Changelog Nayan – December 3, 0.

The build is the the latest preview build for Creators update that Microsoft will push as the next major update Windows 10 Mobile Build teased as next for Fast Ring.

Also leaks in Nayan – December 1, 0. As per the teaser image posted by Dona Sarkar on Twitter, it may be the Build Read the full official changelog by clicking here. Now /17151.txt share Nayan – November 17, 0. Just that this time around she admittedly messed up the build number but it is great enthusiasm Build screenshot It seems Microsoft is soon planning to push next Creators update or Redstone windows 10 redstone 2 preview build to Insiders in Fast Ring.

Check the image in the Tweet below. Anyways, you can read the changes and fixes that the build brings by clicking here Windows 10 Mobile Build available now for Fast Ring.

Changelog Nayan – November windows 10 redstone 2, 0. It also brings some minor UI Nokia Mobile teasing a new smartphone launch in India July 10, Go to mobile version.



Windows 10 version history – Wikipedia


These are the first Windows 10 ISO files that have been released since the big Anniversary Update and are the first with features for the forthcoming “Redstone 2” Windows 10 update that is due later in Here are the versions available for download:. Keep in mind that you have to be a member of the Windows Insider Program to download these ISO files and the PC itself needs to have been previously activated with Windows 10 or with a Windows 10 product key.

After you download the file, you can transfer it to a USB flash drive or DVD and then boot your PC from that location to perform a clean install of the Windows 10 Insider preview build Windows Central Windows Central. John Callaham. More about windows Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Intel Core iHX review: Narrowing the gap between desktop and mo See all comments Aw fantastic! I have a laptop in the Insider program that has some broken system fonts and even after updating to a new build, it didn’t fix it.

Having the ISO will give me a few more recovery options to make it work properly again without resetting I really, really don’t want to do that. You can do a 5 min refresh. You don’t need an ISO for that. I know what option you’re talking about It’s a really rare, bizarre issue, where all text areas all appear as big fat rectangular blobs on the lock screen, the Start Menu, Action Center, and all UWP apps including Settings OMFG, right? A handful of people have reported it through the feedback hub and I sent lots of debug info, but it’s still not resolved yet.

The main problem is that something in the SxS folder got corrupted. I’m an insider, but its way too early. This version is going to be seriously broken. That’s kind of the purpose of the insider program though, isn’t it? Very true, but this early of a stage is definitely not recommended for your primary machines. Was it a mistake or a glitch? Too early for WC to post it? I’m wondering the same thing. If I have a pc that is running the education version on latest insider build , can I use one of these iso’s to get out of the education build and onto home version?

Try it out!!! Yup, seemed pretty sure. Try it out, not so much. Because I’m a non-insider user, i didn’t install insider preview on my laptop. Since you aren’t an insider, maybe you shouldn’t be answering a question aimed at Insiders? Especially when you don’t have an actual answer and say “Try it out” :P. You can do that I’m not too sure.

As they are both two separate Windows 10 editions, its kind of like asking “Can I go from Home to Pro by just using the ISO” Answer: Yes, however you will need a licence key for the edition you’re installing.

It will highly likely allow you to install the ISO, and will likely boot up in Home edition, but unless you have a Win10Home licence key, you will not be able to activate Windows However if you have Education edition due to it being a laptop borrowed from your place of education, under your name, I’d recommend staying on your current edition as it is still their property and is under that edition for important reasons.

Well, given Insider builds wouldn’t install to my PC a couple of months back, and the Anniversary Update won’t now either, I’ll just skip this. Updates have been a colossal pain for me on W10, both personally and at work. I was able to install the AU updated on a PC without issues then again i used the iso that microsoft released last year. As the one created through the media creation tool wasn’t creating a bootable usb for some odd reason. Whereas last year’s one works without a hitch – I use Rufus to create my bootable usbs.

In the search bar, type “Troubleshooter” and it should show an option labeled under “Control panel” if it doesn’t show up, go to control panel manually. There’s a troubleshooter there for the Windows update. That can find and repair a lot of issues. I suffered the same issues as you before I installed AU. I haven’t suffered them issues anymore since then. I just did it a couple of months back, if that, to get out of Insider when its builds wouldn’t install.

Maybe I’ll do it after I move, but it’s too much hassle right now. Try the troubleshooter method I mentioned at the start then. It should hopefully repair any win10Update components and repair any corrupt directories. If you cant find it in your win10 version, if you search “Windows 10 Update troubleshooter” on the internet, MS have a download now troubleshooter via their website. I did, it said it couldn’t identify the problem.

I thought we would be looking at Update 3 by then.. With it only being 3 months til , them saying “due in ” can technically still mean in a few months time. Let’s hope so anyways. They did say “later” They could have meant “later from now, in ” maybe? I’d have thought they’d say “In late ” if they meant near the end of Can’t imagine RS2 will take til late to complete, so they likely just mean “later from now” :p.

Thought RS2 was mainly mobile advances They’re focusing more on Mobile features in RS2. However that doesn’t mean they won’t be updating Desktop too. The mobile features won’t work unless they add the foundations on Desktop first. Otherwise its just empty shells of features on mobile.

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Windows 10 redstone 2


As of June 15, , Microsoft has introduced the “channels” model to its Windows Insider Program, succeeding its “ring” model. As of June 28, , the Dev Channel has transitioned to Windows From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Windows 10 original release. Main article: Windows 10 version Main article: Windows 10 version 20H2.

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None of this background only nonsense. There is currently synching? I hadn’t noticed, I guess because it never works correctly. I think USA Today does. Haven’t used the app in a while though. There needs to be an icon indicating that everything on device A has been synced before shutting off device A and moving over to use device B.

Without that indicator or the ability to force a manual sync, the concept will remain a seldom used or trusted realm of the unknown. Readit app currently syncs.

It uses Flow and remembers info about your accounts and favorites across devices, even when installing the app. It’s awesome. No phone, no deal, for most. Well if it works through Cortana, they will have those features, probably. The point is, no phone.. This isn’t gonna work with that fake ass Cortana on iDroid.

So it is interesting already. The problem is that those phones are not easily accessible.. I can’t just walk into att, have those 4 phones in front of me, and add one to my next plan So, no. Where are the phones, still. As well as the difficulty getting the phones, it’s further restricted to regions that have Cortana, and possibly even right down to only limited Cortana regions I get they are a US company, but Microsoft talk to international audiences without actually mentioning that outside the US you can’t use all the features.

Cortana in the UK used to feel on-par with the US, but that’s changed over the years to the point Cortana in the UK has essentially stalled. We are a small island, but I’d imagine one of the easiest markets for MS to release products in considering the language is so similar. Many of us know how reliable Outlook PC’s “folders are up to date” is I’ve been asking for this on feedback hub for almost two months. Pretty much. I want using edge that much on my phone.

Just buy a cheap android phone. Cheap like your comment. Go to Snapchat blog, either tell those idiots to use Islandwood, or start crying, or get a life that is not Snapchat infested. Barking at the moon on a Microsoft news site will change nothing. Booooring 😛 😀 But meh, anyway. Dude you can go and put a nice little wreath filter on yourself with your corny Snapchat lol. Wait who shall we blame here, take a guess, Snapchat? Yeah, but what to do if u want to play fifa17, monster buster or something like that?

Snapchat is not at all a dealbreaker or something that important as those games are not neighter. Oh and just to tell it U dont know spectre, right? We’ve been asking for this feature mostly with Groove music Let’s call it Flow.

Pick up where I left off simply doesn’t flow. Its Microsoft, so they will find some ridiculous way to come up with the most unintuitive name, then rename it a million times after that Marketing will decide on a more catchy and consumer-friendly name later, something like “Microsoft Modern Inter-Devices Apps-States ActiveSynchronisation Personal Edition “, you know, something that both flows and describe the feature clearly.

If history is any indicator, they’ll take advantage of brand recognition and also introduce the “Microsoft Modern Inter-Devices Apps-States ActiveSynchronisation Professional Edition ” that will be server-based, using a new feature in SharePoint farms. Oh, I love that name already. Wow, what a lucky guess or leaking internal information, that is very close to the name they settled on before the Halo fans ruined months of the marketing team hard work by demanding that the Cortana name stays!

I have no internal insight, assuming the marketing team does have any insight to begin with. I’ve heard that Microsoft’s marketing team uses a magic 8 ball for all decisions. This seems to have had a huge impact and fortunately simplified the product names and packaging noise. I must admit, while I still make fun of them for their decades of overfilled packaging and too-long-and-descriptive-event-when-using-the-acronym product names, the recent names and boxes are much better.

That’s not true! They use five, then string all the answers together. Btw, upon reading your comment, I come to remember that Microsoft has a product called “Exchange ActiveSync”, which sounds very Microsoft-ish, unsurprisingly. I’m actually in Microsoft technologies since over 20 years and been a lot in mobile Windows CE Embedded and Mobile platforms. Fortunately their “. NET and the planned Windows Server. Of course the “ActiveSync” name came from the fact that it was sychronizing data and that it came out of marketing in , one of the “Active”-mendatory years.

It was supposed to be aptly called Exchange AirSync until the marketing team decided to take advantage of name recognition of ActiveSync and call it Server ActiveSync. I think a rebranding of SmartGlass or even an expansion of what Continuum means would make sense. Perhaps Continuum Flex for when using a single device and having it adapt to different screens and situations and Continuum Flow for moving between devices. Yeah, Flow sounds catchy and short, thus easy to remember and easy to communicate to others.

Honestly, I want to read about actual new features. Let your MS contact know that we would like some real features to come to the platform like mixedview and others. If they aren’t going to bring features then just write these off of boring cumulatives! I used to ger excited about little things like this but microsoft’s history of failed execution, slowness in inplementation, or abandonment of features leaves me disinterested.

Now if they announced something more cool that I’ve wanted for years such as side-by-side apps on mobile on super large tiles Color me intrigued. Yeah, except this feature is only available for countries with Cortana And those markets without cortana wont get these new features, awesome! You do realise that Cortana works with any region setting since the Anniversary Update? Not on PC. You have to change region and language.

Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. So it’s still available then? It’s available, yes. But who wants to not have their native language on the PC? On win10mobile I can enable Cortana as long as English language pack is installed. Should have been the same on PC. No, just changing language will enable Cortana for any region. And how about ‘Hey, Cortana’ voice command? They didn’t fix it yet. That’s not true. You can enable it just as easily as on phone.

Are you absolutely sure about that!!?! That is not true. Cortana for everybody? The answer is still NO and a basic user wont change the system language just to get Cortana working. Why won’t basic users change the system language to get Cortana working? Have you got any explanation for this? Statistics say that. It s math bro.

I have my phone with the region set to Portugal and language set to English US that’s how I always configure my devices as I like having the UI in english and Cortana is not available! I have region set to Portugal because of billing and content Groove Music subscription,store purchases etc I have just now tried changing the regional format to English US while keeping the region itself unchaged, rebooted and.. I’m on insider fast, does that only work on the stable branch or something?

What am I missing? Yes, you also have to go in to the Cortana app and then Settings to configure which Cortana to use. The other issue is, even if you pick the Lang in the Cortana settings, it warns you that not features are available.

Canada here Thing is, that option is indeed great but should only serve like a workaround, not a permanent solution that everybody has to follow. I think they has to make some Cortana featues be widely available when its not directly relevant to the region. Reminders is one of the big Cortana feature that doesn’t need regional locking, so does the new Cortana cross-device notifications. In regards to Cortana, why the regional push felt like it stopped or slow down to halt these days?

Google is already pushing hard their digital assistant left and right, thus more and more people giving them a credit and use those. Cortana once praised nowadays pushed into the sideline regardless of new functionality.

Did MS cut the budget of Cortana team and the regional push of it? This is why some Cortana features have to be available regardless regional setting such as this new feature. Cortana development in the UK feels like it’s almost completely stalled. We have it better than those with NO Cortana at all but it irks me when they talk about Cortana to an international audience and totally ignore the fact many of the features are US only – It’s more the fact they DON’T mention the restriction that is most annoying.

Adding markets has slowed Cortana down, and apparently added many non-English guesses to voice to text, from my experience. Perhaps time is needed to fix this problem before too much more is added too quickly. Even in the UK and other English speaking countries Cortana has stalled lately. There’s minimal differences between US and UK English in terms of things like recognising dates in text within sticky notes.

They should make cortana available everywhere and have a notification that they will add cortana with your native language as soon as possible. How many regions outside of the US is Cortana available in now? UK, Canada, China, and Australia? Interesting, hope the implementation of this feature is well executed. Will fail if tied to Cortana. Considering anything with the AU update has Cortana available, you’re likely wrong.

Seems nice, but the question is: What phone exactly? For some times with a long history of wallpapers, Apple used to have a default Galaxy wallpaper on its Mac PCs. Who’s copying who?

I just wonder if there will be a MS phone to utilize this feature However, Windows 10 versions look and operate differently from the iOS and Android versions. I hope on Surface branded phone but I think this feature for any Windows Mobile or Android phone with same apps as on Windows, no iOS – they doesn’t allow to do that.

I wonder what’s next? Cortana is available in all regions. Theoretically Yes, but you need to switch phones language to supported Cortana region language. No, you don’t. You can enable Cortana without switching phone language.

Tell me how then, because it’s not working for me. Go into Cortana settings and choose a “Cortana language”. I can’t even find that setting. I see it. You’re either not looking hard enough or you don’t have the AU update. I do have AU, I press the search button, go to settings, and there is just simply no option like that.

I don’t have any “Cortana Settings” on my phone??? Nice :O i know this might be useless but i hope groove music picks it too :D!!!! Now that’s a great idea! I have wanted this for so long! It would be great to be listening to an album on my desktop at work and then pick up right where I left off when I pick up my phone for the commute home! This will be a great addition to the ecosystem.. I’m looking forward to it.

Please Mr. Ward, don’t forget to write an article about how great that actually is! You can do it now. I have seen the messages in my message app but the send button is always greyed out, I figured it wasnt finished yet.

You need to use the “Skype Preview” app “Messaging” is retired. They still have it because it still works in previous build I guess. Skype is working really good right now, you can also link your contacts and switch between skype and sms from the chat. Skype is your one choice, the other one is Cortana. But you can only reply to incoming messages from the notification when it disappears it’s gone or talking to Cortana without seeing the message.

I knew the reply worked, and I heard them going back and forth between the skype idea, but looking at skype it doesnt appear to want to send sms or allow me to pick to send sms. Under settings you need to enable sms relay feature on both your phone and computer. So many times when a SMS comes in on desktop, but cannot reply to it as it fails to send. Interesting, I never had that issue yet. I had problems when linking the contacts though I have that set on both devices, as I said I see all the chats in the old messaging app but nothing in the new app.

I don’t know if these have tutorials but you can find useful links from these pages. Pretty sure “messaging” is not a retired app. Skype Preview has SMS built in, however the skype preview Is just that A preview.

MS wouldn’t retire their main app before they’ve finished he other app. Also, I believe the skype merge is optional. People can still use SMS on Windows 10 without downloading the skype preview if they wanted to. Not a big deal, but Microsoft is boring in coming up with cool feature names.

I mean it’s clean and straight to the point, but it’s not cool Apple’s is called “Handoff”, which is a little better. I like the last suggestion ;. You want MS to adopt the fruity company’s magical tech jargon? If it helps make the feature reconizable to the masses, then it a yes, a very big yes. I just don’t want Microsoft to go down the same rabbit hole they mostly do when naming products.

Ah yes the famous Windows for Workgroups 3. MS nerds to adopt something, because what works works, and MS can’t work it.. I wanna see MS twerk it. Does this mean I will finally be able to continue a playlist on a different device with Groove Music? That ‘ next big update’ will not come in Remember when Microsoft announced sms from pc?

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